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Bodhi Sangha Loveland Zen Ama Samy

Enlightenment and compassion are the essence of the Zen way, two sides of one realization. Zazen, seated meditation, is a practice of letting go and letting be, befriending one's emotions and body, accepting oneself and life. It is a practice of compassion for self and all sentient beings.

-Ama Samy

Zazen - Seated meditation

Loveland Zen is a group of Zen practitioners from Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. We practice in the tradition of Bodhi Sangha, the Zen school founded by Zen master Ama Samy.


We meet for meditation every Monday evening. You can join the meditation in person at Grailville or online. Please send us an email if you are joining for the first time. For details see our calendar.

We will be offering Silent Retreats at Loretto Retreat Center in October 2024.

If you would like to be informed about future Loveland Zen events in the Cincinnati area, join our mailing list:

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