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Bodhi Sangha Loveland Zen Ama Samy

Silent meditation retreats with Zen master Ama Samy

September 8-10 and September 10-15, 2023

At Cliffview Resort in Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Who am I?  Why am I here?
Where do I go? How do I find freedom, peace and joy?

​​In the silent company of the other retreatants and with the guidance of Zen masters Ama Samy and Olaf Muyōju, you will find time to be with yourself and your own life questions.

Unifying body, mind, and spirit, time spent on retreat can be deeply grounding and liberating. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Please register here.

Weekend Mini-Sesshin

​Friday evening to Sunday noon                             

Sept 8-10


Single room

Shared room


This weekend retreat is particularly well-suited for newcomers who have not practiced meditation before. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Seven-day Program  

​Friday evening to Friday morning

Sept 8-15


Single room

Shared room


Five-day Sesshin 

Sunday evening to Friday morning

Sept 10-15


Single room

Shared room


The Five-day Sesshin follows a similar daily schedule as the Mini-Sesshin.


You can apply for a scholarship using this application form.

Please consider making a scholarship donation to enable others to participate.

If you would like to participate in both the Mini-Sesshin and the Five-day Sesshin, you are welcome to register for the full Seven-day program.

Comments from past participants:

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