Bodhi Sangha Loveland Zen Ama Samy

Silent meditation retreats

September 17-19 and September 19-24, 2021

At Cliffview Resort in Red River Gorge, Kentucky

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Who am I? Why am I here? What is the point of it all? Where do I go? How do I find freedom, peace and joy?

​​Find time to be with yourself and your own life questions at a silent meditation retreat with the guidance of Zen masters Ama Samy and Olaf Muyōju.

Ama Samy has been visiting Cincinnati since 1991 to offer annual Zen retreats. Update (Sep 2): Sadly he was not able to join us this year due to international travel restrictions.

Thanks so much to all who participated in the Silent Retreats this year!

Two-day Mini-Sesshin

Friday evening to Sunday noon                              

Sept 17-19


Single room

Shared room


This weekend retreat is particularly well-suited for newcomers who have not practiced meditation before. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Seven-day Program  

Friday evening to Friday noon

Sept 17-24


Single room

Shared room


Five-day Sesshin 

Sunday evening to Friday noon

Sept 19-24


Single room

Shared room


The Five-day Sesshin follows a similar daily schedule as the Mini-Sesshin. Unifying the body, mind, and spirit, Sesshin can be deeply grounding and liberating.


Thanks to generous donors, scholarships are available.

If you would like to participate in both the Mini-Sesshin and the Five-day Sesshin, you are welcome to register for the full Seven-day program.

Comments from past participants: