Thanks to all participants of this year's retreats for your dedicated practice!

We posted more pictures in this album.

The dates for the Silent Meditation Retreats in 2020 at Cliffview Resort  are already set: September 18-20 and September 20-25.

Details will follow soon.


Who am I? Why am I here? What is the point of it all? Where do I go? How do I find freedom, peace and joy?


Find time to be with yourself and your own life questions at a silent meditation retreat (Zen Sesshin) with the guidance of Zen masters Ama Samy and Olaf Muyō-ju.  Ama Samy has been visiting Cincinnati since 1991 to offer annual Zen retreats. This will be his last planned visit to the US.

The retreats will take place at Cliffview Resort in Red River Gorge two hours south of Cincinnati. Both newcomers and longtime meditators are welcome.

Comments from past participants:


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