Loveland Zen hosts retreats in March and September 2020.


In September:

Silent meditation retreats with Zen master Ama Samy

September 18-20 and September 20-25, 2020

At Cliffview Resort in Red River Gorge, Kentucky


Who am I? Why am I here? What is the point of it all? Where do I go? How do I find freedom, peace and joy?

​​Find time to be with yourself and your own life questions at a silent meditation retreat with the guidance of Zen masters Ama Samy and Olaf Muyōju.

Ama Samy has been visiting Cincinnati since 1991 to offer annual Zen retreats. This will be his last visit.


Rooms are still available.

Please register here.

Two-day Mini-Sesshin

Friday evening to Sunday noon                              

Sept 18-20


Single room

Shared room


This weekend retreat is particularly well-suited for newcomers, who have not practiced meditation before. Click here for an example daily schedule.

Seven-day Program  

Friday evening to Friday noon

Sept 18-25


Single room

Shared room


Five-day Sesshin 

Sunday evening to Friday noon

Sept 20-25


Single room

Shared room


The Five-day Sesshin follows a similar daily schedule as the Mini-Sesshin. Unifying the body, mind, and spirit, Sesshin can be deeply grounding and liberating.


Thanks to generous donors, scholarships are available.

If you would like to join Fr. Ama for his whole visit, you are welcome to register for the full Seven-day program. It includes both the Mini-Sesshin and the Five-day Sesshin.

Comments from past participants:


In March:

Zazenkai – a day of silent retreat

March 7, 2020

At Grailville in Loveland, Ohio

Our community will come together this Spring at Grailville for a day of silent meditation. The retreat starts on Saturday at 8am and ends at 5pm. We will practice seated meditation and walking meditation and will share in a silent, communal meal. Newcomers to meditation and longtime meditators are welcome.

The registration fee of $45 covers the costs of renting the Oratory and the vegetarian lunch.

There will be chairs for sitting. If you would like to sit on the floor, please bring a mat or blanket to fold and a cushion or bench. If you do not have a cushion, folded towels, for example, work well too. 

Please register early by sending an email to Nicky at We need to receive your payment by Thursday, February 27. Overnight lodging is available for $72 in the Tidings house at Grailville. Note, there will be no dokusan (one-on-one meeting with a teacher) at this retreat.

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